Here at Maple Cat Press, we believe in telling stories.

Stories unite people. They expose a common ground whereby individuals can identify with and become part of a larger community. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need to belong and be accepted is a vital component of life. Without it, people lack the ability to sustain their own self-esteem and achieve their potential.

Telling stories and having those stories read and accepted is an important step for many people struggling to find a place where they belong. Every year, publishing companies and agents receive hundreds of thousands of manuscripts from potential authors. Because they have strict guidelines for acceptance, the majority of those manuscripts will be rejected.

Most of those in the rejected pile will be from first time authors. Because of this, the publishing market is seeing more authors turning to self-publishing to get their needs met.

Unfortunately, self-publishing has gotten a bad rap.

Professional editing is expensive. Paying someone to format your manuscript so it looks professional? That’s expensive too. In fact, self-publishing your own book can easily cost five thousand dollars or more up front, with no guarantee that the author will ever make that money back in profits. Many self-publishing authors don’t have that kind of money.

Yet they still have a story to tell.

This is why Maple Cat Press was formed.

We believe new authors should be given a chance to present their work professionally without the professional price tag. Typos, poor grammar, and spelling errors are huge red flags for potential readers. A well-edited manuscript can mean the difference between making it or failing as an author.

Thousands of writers are busy writing the kinds of stories they themselves would like to read. However, these stories are not considered marketable by traditional publishers. Maple Cat Press is here to give authors a chance to share their stories anyway.

With services for editing, formatting, and designing marketing materials, Maple Cat Press provides new authors with the ability to present a product that rivals those of a traditional publishing company. Beginning in July 2019, we will be producing a quarterly magazine where new authors can showcase their stories while still retaining all the rights to their work. We strive to make publishing affordable to everyone who has a story to tell.

Maple Cat Press is made up of writers just like you.

We are authors who write what we’d like to read. We share that common ground everyone is searching for.

We believe everyone has a story. Let us help you tell yours.

-Michael and Autumn Morgera