A.R. Morgera
The Archives of Alexar
Publish Date: 
March, 2019

The Jehzydak Prophecy is an epic tale of two stepbrothers--one determined to find the truth, and the other desperately running from it. Unexpectedly thrust into a world of magic, both must deal with their inner demons before a madman known as The Prophet delivers a deadly judgement upon them and all of Sudari. The Jehzydak Prophecy is a tale of self-discovery and forgiveness that will resonate with readers and leave a lasting impression in their hearts and minds.

“Jehzydak—the name brings both fear and awe to those who hear it, including myself. Created to execute justice and bear the Truth to mankind, they wield more magic than any man before them, and I suppose more than any to come. Wielders of the very power of Jeha, they are formidable beings. Jeha help us all if even one should go astray...”—Harlan Kurri, Chronicler, 22nd of Aequin, 3709