The Jehzydak Prophecy

The Jehzydak Prophecy

Truth. Lies. Magic. You can't run from who you are.

Zaiden Tyler's world begins to unravel the day his girlfriend dies, but the world will unravel for everyone if he doesn't come to terms with who he is and what he was created to do.

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About the Book

“Jehzydak—the name brings both fear and awe to those who hear
it, including myself. Created to execute justice and bear the Truth to
mankind, they wield more magic than any man before them, and I suppose
more than any to come. Wielders of the very power of Jeha, they are
formidable beings. Jeha help us all if even one should go astray…”
—Harlan Kurri, Chronicler, 22nd of Aequin, 3709

A lightning storm. A dead girl. A stepbrother seeking revenge. Three incidents that will change Zaiden Tyler’s life forever. Zaiden thinks he has his life planned out—until fate intervenes and a tragic accident sends him on a dangerous journey to a land shrouded in mystery and magic. Forced to flee the little town of Penhaven, Zaiden finds himself in the mystical land of Sudari—a land filled with dragons, wizards, and danger. Sudari is a land on the brink of disaster thanks to a power-hungry madman known only as the Prophet. Zaiden discovers that he is the last of the Jehzydak, a special class of wizards tasked with dispensing justice in the world. He is the only one who can stop the Prophet from conquering Sudari—but first he must face the truth about who and what he is.

Series: Archives of Alexar, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Maple Cat Press
Publication Year: 2019
Format: paperback, hardcover, ebook
Length: 395 pages
ISBN: 9781733638203
List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 4.99
This sweeping fantasy is good company for the many other tales in this genre that feature a protagonist coming of age and embarking on a quest to discover why he fulfills a mysterious prophecy. It has all the elements that make this trope an enduring one – romance, magic, enigmatic mentors, secrets, and betrayals. However, like all good books that keep us coming back to the same genre to hear the same tales over and over again, this author makes the story her own and reminds us that storytelling is a magic in its own right. The Jehzydak Prophecy is the first book of a fantasy series with Judeo-Christian inspired themes, but that will appeal universally to those who enjoy good vs. evil, light vs. dark struggles explored in fiction. I was immediately intrigued by the author’s choice to shape her main character first by a hasty action that unleashed an unknown power with negative consequences. Our hero’s weaknesses becomes apparent right away, and so as he learns to lean into the power of forgiveness later in the story, he is equipped with a vivid reminder of the alternative. And from this awareness and humility, he derives true power. A. R. Morgera has expertly crafted her tale, from the multi-dimensional cast to the professional-quality cover and interior design, and should be proud of her hard work. The Jehzydak Prophecy was an enjoyable read.
– Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
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About the Author
A.R. Morgera

Autumn Morgera is living out her dream in the Appalachian Mountains of small-town Virginia with her husband, Mike, their three children, River, Jaden, and Pheonix, and their three cats, Romeo, Jellybean, and Moon.

With encouragement from her brother, Rob, and her neighbor, Bertha Fox, she began writing stories and poems when she was six years old and continued on through high school and young adulthood.

After almost two decades of giving up on her dreams of becoming a published author, she began to write again. She self-published a memoir of her life in 2015, then, having put the past to rest, decided to try her hand at something fun. Working hard to learn her craft, she wrote Truthbearer, then co-founded Maple Cat Press with her husband. Truthbearer is her first novel in a three-part fantasy series.