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2019 Services List

Services Offered
Sample Edit

FREE Service: Author will submit the first 3000 words of the manuscript. Maple Cat Press will provide a combination of editing and critiquing and inform the author of which services would be the most helpful.
Manuscript Critique

MCP will provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement concerning grammar, pacing, descriptions, plot, characterizations, and style.
Custom Interior Formatting

Complete manuscript formatting of interior pages to standard publishing regulations.
Author input on font type and chapter heading design allowed.

Proofreading is the last step before publication. Proofreader will double-check spelling, grammar, and proper word usage. A document detailing all changes will be provided to the author for inspection. When changes have been approved, the author will receive the final copy of the document.
Cover Design

Maple Cat Press will work with the Author to develop a cover that accurately and professionally represents the Author's work.


Additional Information

Manuscript submissions must be in .rtf, docx, or GoogleDoc format.

Manuscripts will be formatted “as is” unless the author/client has also ordered Proofreading services. If the client/Author wishes to institute changes to the manuscript after Formatting has begun, additional charges may apply.



Manuscripts submitted to MCP remain the sole property of the Author/Client of the manuscript and are subject to any and all U.S. copyright laws.

MCP is not responsible for any copyright infringement laws broken by the Client in creating his/her manuscript. If the Client is seeking design services, MCP will ensure that any images they use are royalty free and usable for marketing purposes. If discovered, MCP will advise the Client about any potential legal issues that may arise because of the content of the manuscript, but it is the sole responsibility of the Client to resolve such issues.

MCP makes no claims that its services will result in higher sales or a contract from any agency or publisher. Marketing of any manuscript or product is the sole responsibility of the Client.